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PRAMIX IT Solutions are here for your success.

We, “The PRAMIX IT Solutions” are able to deliver our customers creative and innovative web experiences. We offer professional and best services for affordable prices. We are able to give you the best layout and content on your website. The layout that we offer would be the best with a unique design, and it would be very well organized. We incorporate the latest trends and techniques.

The PRAMIX IT Solutions is going to be your superhero helping you with all your digital technology related areas.  We together will help you in delivering the best to our customers.

We would make a difference as an IT solution and will indeed help you in upgrading your business. Our solutions will help you with your business and make it grow into something successful.

We help companies by designing the web and a software app. We would be your best digital partner. We are going to be your best choice. We provide your solutions within a short time frame.

We are a company that is well disciplined, and we maintain a professional relationship with our customers. We provide our service very fast in the highest quality.

Our Vision

The vision of our PRAMIX IT solutions company is that we produce the best solution and quality services for our customers.

Our Mission

The mission is to be the number one IT solutions provider in Sri Lanka.

Our Services – what are the fields we specialized?

We provide you with high-quality services in Web design, Software development (web applications), Networking, CCTV, Android app development and Web hosting.

 We could help you with designing your web the way you want and provide services in programming the network. We also offer E-commerce solutions, and we have WordPress developers as well. Our team has the best software development (web applications) technicians. We could provide you with solutions in networking and help you with CCTV solutions. If there is any crashing problem, we could help you. We could also support you in Android app development and provide you with Web hosting services.

We also support web development. We provide the best speed, and for web hosting purposes, we have the best servers. Our servers will offer you an unlimited bandwidth, which would give your customer the best user experience. PRAMIX IT Solutions is a leading web hosting company in Sri Lanka 2019, and we are happy to provide affordable prices to all our customers than other competitor companies. We do not only offer our services to Sri Lankans. Our team is specialized in many categories, so please contact us via mail to get more details regarding your problems.

We also provide Graphic designing solutions. We could help you with designing logos and designing brochures. We offer the best graphic designing solutions so that you could catch a larger crowd.

These services are what our company has to offer. We provide you with the best services using the best and latest trends in the current digital world.

SEO services that bring your site to the next level

Are you tired of throwing money to SEO and still not ranked? You developed a website And then start social media marketing.  You pin every day on social media, and no one came to your site. There are a ton of stuff your masters and gurus aren’t exposed you.

So you did it.  What does your team grasp about SEO, PPC, drop-dead gorgeous funnels, analytics, outbound marketing, and marketing computerization? It’s a full-time business to keep up, test out new tactics and methods, and make sure that marketing is done right.

 Stop right now. We are here to help your SEO ranking problems. We will deliver the best results, and we help you to rank #1 in Google. PRAMIX IT Solutions has strong SEO concepts and strategies. Our ideas will boost your Google position and help you to rank well. SEO is a game, and you need full details to play it well. If you are not master about it, then don’t try it.

Why you hire us

01.    More than 25 website building tools use for better output.

02.    Various eye-catching mockup design.

03.    24hr online support directly well proficient English designers.

04.    More than 10 talented designers monitor your design.

05.    You get a High-quality website – logo designers, video editors, web designer, code editors, SEO optimized workers in one team.

06.    Build high quality custom software web app

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