MyCliniQ Dental Practice Management System


MyCliniQ Dental Practice Management System

MyCliniQ Dental Practice Management System is a Cloud base tailor made Web Solution developed for Dental Practices to manage its internal operational activities and it covers all the features preceded by a fully developed Dental Practice. Not like other traditional systems, you will see attractive Graphical Interfaces in a user friendly environment.

Our System;

  • Cloud Base Web Solution – Can Access Anytime from Anywhere via Any Devices (Laptop, Mobile Phone, Tab)
  • 100% secured Data
  • Attractive Graphical Interfaces
  • User Friendly Touch system
  • Covers all the Features of a well-developed Doctor Private Practice
  • Day to day Operational Layouts (Prescription, Bill and etc.)
  • Operational & Management Level Reports & Dashboards – Help to See the Past, Present & Future. Support on Decision Making
  • No need high IT Skill or a Dedicated IT Person to manage the System
  • No System Down Time

Our Services;

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
  • Properly Planned Training Sessions
  • User Manual
  • Cloud Hosting Facilities
  • SMS Gateway Facilities
  • Payment Gateway Facilities 
Product Features
  1. Patient Management
  • Patient Information
  • Patient History Records (Past Medical, Surgical & Dental)
  • Patient wise Allergies and Other Important Information
  • Patient wise Collections (Card & Cash)
  • Patient & Prescription wise Outstanding
  • Patient wise Discount Schemes
  • Patient Loyalty Card
  1. Appointment Booking & Management 
  • Appointment Generation and Time Reservation against a Calendar (WALK-IN  & RESERVED)
  • Maintaining Appointment Queue (Doctor Wise)
  • Facilitate for Separate Patient Screen (Enhancing the Transparency of Queue Management)
  • Cancelling or Postponing Appointments
  • SMS Alerts for Patients
  • Future, Present & Past Appointments Visibility
  1. Procedure & Prescription Management 
  • Procedures/Treatments Handling
  • Graphical Interface of Teeth with the Numbering System
  • Possibility to Select Exact Part or Face of the Tooth
  • User Friendly Teeth Selection (Support for Touch Screens)
  • Possibility to See Past Procedures/Treatments of Patients in a Graphical View
  • Facilitate for Prescribing Drugs (Automated for Expiry Date)
  • Patient wise Investigation and Investigation Results Handling (Keeping Results and Attachments)
  • Material Allocation for Procedures (BOM Management)
  • Generating Prescription Note
  1. Stock/Inventory Management 
  • Drug (Sellable Stock), Sample, Material & Instrument Stock Maintaining (Batch & Expiry Date Base)
  • Option to View Current Stock at Anytime
  • Automated Alert System when Reach Stock Reorder Level  
  1. Pharmacy Process Management
  • Handling Pharmacy Process (Drug Issuing & Billing)
  • Automated Drug Issuing based on Expiry Dates
  1. Price Lists Management 
  • Facilitate to Manage Procedure/Treatment and Drug Price Lists
  1. Payment Process Management 
  • Handling Both Cash & Card Payment Methods
  • Facilitate for Full or Part Payments for Treatments
  • Generating Payment Receipts
  1. Income & Expense Management 
  • Patient Wise Income Monitoring
  • Managing Expenses for the Practice
  1. Technician Work Management 
  • Managing Technician Wise Tasks list
  • Option to check the Status of Each Task
  • Monitoring Accuracies & Delays of Given Tasks
  1. Letter Formats Generation
  • Ability to Generate Required Letters for the Practice (Referrals, Medicals & etc.)
  1. User Role Base Authorizations 
  • User Role (Doctor, Receptionist/Cashier, Dispenser, Assistant) Base Accessibility for Transactions & Reports
  1. Image Attachment Facility
  • Facilitate to Upload & Keep Images/Attachments (Investigation Results, Patient Information & Etc.)
  1. Patient Loyalty Card Management 
  • Facilitate for Patient Loyalty Card System
  1. Source Documents, Reports & Dashboards 
  • More than 40 Operational & Decision Making Reports with Dashboards
  • Source Documents (Prescription, Invoice, Payment Receipts, Appointment Receipt and etc.)
  1. Accessibility Via Any Mobile Device 
  • Ability to Access Via Any Mobile Devices From Anywhere (Laptop, Tab, Mobile)
  • Cloud Base System
  1. User Friendly Touch System 
  • Support for Touch Screens
  1. Customizable Graphical Interfaces
  • User wise Theme & Color Changing
  • Graphical Teeth Structure
  1. Possible Additional Enhancements
  • SMS Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Mobile App for Patients with an Online Appointment Booking & Payment Facility 


  1. Ability to Keep Past Records of Patients Clearly and Safely.
  • Past Medical History
  • Past Surgical History
  • Past Dental History
  1. Flexible & Transparent Appointment Process & Appointment Queue Process
  2. Ability to See the Accuracy of Patient’s Post-Operative Complaints.
  3. Ability to Maintain Past Records of Patients to Give the Protection for Doctor and Practice against any Legal Action Taken by Patients.
  4. Possibility to Mark the Exact Part of Teeth Accurately due to User Friendly Graphical Interface of Permanent & Deciduous Teeth Structure.
  5. Support for Paper Less Clinic Management.
  6. Building a Strong Relationship between Doctor and Patient by Providing a Loyalty Card.
  7. Helping for Dental Practices that have Own Pharmacy to Manage Accurate Stock Position, Drug Issuing, and Billing Process.
  8. Helping to Get Stock Positions of Surgical Instruments and Materials Accurately at Any time.
  9. Keeping the Transparency and Formality on Technician Work with Technicians.
  10. Transparent Payment Process Keeping the Full stop for Financial Damages Cause due to Employees’ Misconduct.
  11. Ability to Access from Anywhere via any Mobile Device
  12. User Friendly Touch System Supports to Increase the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Practice.
  13. System Reports & Dashboards Show the Current Situation of the Practice and Increase the Ability on Decision Making.


  1. Where the Information is Located and What is the Security Level and Authorizations?

Your Information has been located in a Cloud Environment with no down time and can be accessed anytime (24/7) as well as we know how much critical are those information. No need to worry about it. It is 100% secured and no unauthorized person is allowed to access except you and your team whom are assigned by you as users. Authorization model that we have used here prevent accessibility for all the system transactions and reports and that will be decided based on User Roles given (Doctor, Assistant, Receptionist, Dispenser and etc.).

  1. What are the Devices I can Use to Log in to the System and Can I log in From Anywhere? 

Definitely. You will be allowed to access to the system from anywhere even if you are in out of the country. Our Cloud hosting facility will give you this opportunity and you can see the same features with up-to-date information in your device. You just need to click the Client Login Icon through your Mobile Phone, Tab or Laptop.

  1. Is there a Limitation for Database Size & Protection of My Information?

Don’t worry. We are providing you unlimited cloud storage to store your critical information securely and safely. Clouds hosting facility will eliminate 100% threat of data loss due to crashing your computers.

Even you can keep most required images and attachments of Patients here. It is easy to access to your past information or analysis reports anytime.

  1. Most of the Employees are not from IT background. What is the Solution for that?

Don’t worry. Our team will take care of it. We overcome your problem following below actions.

  • The System is very user friendly and easy to understand since it contains the same thing that you are practically doing. It is the same practice you and your staff are currently doing. Nothing is newer.
  • We are providing two training types to increase the knowledge and the practice on the system.
  1. Off-line Training – This is class room training and first the whole team will be given an introduction about the system and then user role base training is given.
  2. On-line Training – Before the System goes live, you and your team will be asked to work with the system in the real environment and our consultant will monitor and support you throughout the process.
  • A User Manual will be given with full of details including system screens. 
  1. Can I Get Support Anytime?

Yes. Don’t worry. We are here to solve your issues. Our Support team will take care of it. You can submit your issue via email or phone to our Customer Support Help Desk and our dedicated support team is present 24/7 to solve your issues. We ensure efficient problem solving and we will give you the required support via Phone, via Remote Desktop Connection (we will access to your Computer remotely on your permission) or On-site support.

  1. What are the Prerequisites if I want to buy the system?
  • Strong Internet Connection (Network or Wi-Fi)
  • Printer
  • Computers/Laptops (Minimum 2. No need to have multiple Computers if there are multiple Assistants. They can share the same computer with multiple logins )

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