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Web Development, Web design, and Software Development

We develop websites for the Internet. We develop websites according to your preference. We may design it just the way you want. Today, a website is vital as it helps you to promote large scaled or small scaled businesses. It is also a tool that comes in use to improve electronic businesses and other social network services. If you want to take your business one-step forward, this is the best place that you have chosen. You could exactly get an incredible website done through our company. We develop the web content as well as the web design to suit your likes and dislikes. We as a company help you with creative ideas, and we bring you different styles that match your thoughts. Our graphic designers will aid you with the perfect artistic designs for your website.

We also provide web designs. We work hard to come up with the most fantastic web graphic design; interface design; authoring and search engine optimization that is all needed to output the best web design. We work hard, and our service is very active. We always think of our clients. We pay more attention to the writing markup to give our customers the best experience. We also provide the service of software development. We develop software by writing computer programs and fixing bugs. By choosing our company, you will be able to get all these services done

SEO services that bring your site to the next level

Are you tired of throwing money to SEO and still not ranked? You developed a website and then start social media marketing.  You pin every day on social media, and no one came to your site. There are a ton of stuff your masters and gurus aren’t exposed you.

So you did it.  What does your team grasp about SEO, PPC, drop-dead gorgeous funnels, analytics, outbound marketing, and marketing computerization? It’s a full-time business to keep up, test out new tactics and methods, and make sure that marketing is done right.

 Stop right now. We are here to help your SEO ranking problems. We will deliver the best results, and we help you to rank #1 in Google. PRAMIX IT Solutions has strong SEO concepts and strategies. Our ideas will boost your Google position and help you to rank well. SEO is a game, and you need full details to play it well. If you are not master about it, then don’t try it.

Web Hosting

As you know, it is by Web hosting that one could post a website onto the Internet. Our company is a Web host provider that will allow you to host your website or web page onto the Internet. Our company as a web hosting service provider will provide all services to make your website or web page the most viewed on the Internet. These websites or web pages are then stored on servers. When the web page is hosted, the users will see your web page as they search on the search engine by entering the domain name or the website address. You can go to our web page by clicking on

Some companies want the clients to own their domain, but we are ready to let you have your domain name registered making things easier for you. We help you to register your domain name for low and affordable prices. By choosing, you may get web hosting services as well as the domain name registering services.

We, the Webhostsrilanka Company provides space on the Internet for your website. You can publish your website, with our web hosting service. We provide fast web servers with a fast network. We store your website file or web page on a web server so that users may type in your web address. The Internet will then connect to the web server that has your website file and will then transfer your website information back to their computer. This way is how we provide the service to our clients.

We as a company manages these servers with quality performance in its software management, bandwidth, speed and much more. We cover web-hosting services that run on high security.

Domain Name Registration


A domain name is essential for your website. It is only through a domain name that one could find your website on the internet. The domain name refers to your company’s Internet address. Therefore, when picking a domain name, it should be memorable and a domain name that would be remembered easily by your clients. This reason is why our company has come with the service of providing our customers the service of domain name registration. You will see that our business rates for domain name registration are meager and reasonable. We provide the best domain name for your website.

There is a procedure that you have to follow when you are getting your domain name registered. In this method, you must choose a domain name and then submit your domain name registration request to a registrar. A registrar will need info such as the domain name that you have chosen, the name and contact information such as the email address, physical address and the contact phone number. It further needs the desired domain registration term and payment information. After you provide this information, it is then that the process is initiated. The registrar sends the information to the registry, and then the files are added to the master servers. These master servers will let other servers on the Internet know where your website is stored. This procedure is a lengthy systematic process. However, our company will create a shortcut for you by helping you with the task of registering the domain name under our business.

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